This Dragon Ball FighterZ/Star Wars Battle Clip Is Obliteration At Its Best

Our anticipation for Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball FighterZ continues to grow, but we'll be getting our hands on it soon enough, with an open beta taking place in a couple of weeks, followed by the game's full release a short time after that. But, in an effort to keep the excitement for the game going, we've found a neat new clip that combines two awesome things in one small video clip – Dragon Ball FighterZ and…Star Wars?

A Twitter user by the name of SpinkyRB has posted a new video that's nothing short of epic. Sure, it only runs under 20 seconds or so, but any given DBZ fan will be thrilled with what it has to offer.

What looks like a typical Dragon Ball FighterZ clip at first soon grows into something more devastating, with Cell firing up his super technique, only for his opponent, Buu, to follow suit with his own super move. But then one of the Androids jumps in to start her attack from above, and Goku also enters the picture, turning ultra dark while launching into his technique.

It all culminates in a planet explosion, one that will be very familiar to Star Wars fans, as it takes the updated Alderaan explosion from A New Hope and throws it in as the result of these four characters attempting to obliterate one another. It's a fantastic clip, and actually not that far from what the game will have to offer, as we've seen super attacks that manage to somehow rip a planet in half. (Granted, it won't look exactly like the video below, but it'll still be the kind of thing for Dragon Ball Z fans to savor.)

You can watch the video above, and feel free to like it as well, because, well, it is pretty bad-ass. It just leaves us wondering what other explosive film clips can be thrown in for good measure to capture the crazy effects of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Independence Day, perhaps? Die Hard? We're just spit-balling here, but you creative types are sure to come up with something.


Dragon Ball FighterZ releases on January 26th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.