Dragon Ball: The Breakers Trailer Shows Off Majin Buu and a Fan-Favorite Survivor

Those planning on playing Dragon Ball: The Breakers got a fresh look at the villainous Majin Buu via a new trailer that dropped this week, but perhaps more impressive than that was the reveal of a popular human character who'll join the game as a survivor. Dimps Corporation and Bandai Namco revealed this week that the Farmer will be a playable human character, a reveal which serves as a callback to the opening moments of Dragon Ball Z.

The trailer seen below focuses much of its attention on Majin Buu and the villain's various forms he's able to transform into throughout the course of a match. Throughout the trailer, we also see the Farmer (somewhat) standing guard against Majin Buu with his trusty shotgun that we see him use in Dragon Ball Z. As is the case with any asymmetrical game like this, however, most of his time is spent running given that he's on the weaker team compared to that of the Raiders.

For those who may not remember the Farmer, he's the human character who was shown standing up against Raditz whenever the Saiyan landed on Earth. Raditz scanned the Farmer who possessed an underwhelming power level, but that didn't stop the Farmer from shooting at the Saiyan. The Farmer wasn't killed there, however, and became a character seen off and on again throughout Dragon Ball Z's various sagas.

While we've seen the Farmer included in games in various capacities over the years whenever he was relevant to the story (usually when depicting Raditz's scenes), this'll be the first time that we've seen him playable in an official capacity. Much like Super Smash Bros. players wanted Waluigi to be a playable character and Mortal Kombat fans wanted Shaggy to be added, the Farmer has been a popular request for Dragon Ball games that typically relegate themselves to the fighting genre. Now that Dragon Ball: The Breakers incorporates characters who are distinctly human, we finally have an avenue for the Farmer to be playable.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is scheduled to release on October 14th.