Dragonbane RPG Kickstarter Is Live

The Kickstarter for a revised English edition of one of Sweden's oldest tabletop RPGs is live. Free League Publishing has launched the Kickstarter for Dragonbane, an English translation of the seminal Swedish tabletop game Drakar och Demoner, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Dragonbane is a fantasy-themed game with fast-paced sessions and rules that can be adapted for just about any fantasy setting. The game uses a game engine built around rolling a d20 with the hopes of getting a low roll. A Natural 1 is a "Dragon" that's an automatic success, while a Natural 20 is a "Demon" that's an automatic failure. D20 rolls can be made with "boons" or "banes" (a system similar to rolling with advantage in Dungeons & Dragons).  One wrinkle to Dragonbane is that players can choose to "push" their roll by re-rolling it, at the cost of taking a condition and rolling all subsequent checks based on one of their character's core states with a bane. 

Drakar och Demoner was the first Swedish tabletop RPG and started as a translation of the game Magic World by Chaosium, but quickly became its own game with unique rules. While several spinoffs of Drakar och Demoner have been translated into English, this marks the first time that the core game has been translated into English. Swedish RPGs have become a growing part of the wider TTRPG industry, with Free League Publishing become a leading publisher of tabletop games like The One Ring, Alien Roleplaying Game, Tales From the Loop and Mork Borg.  

Players will receive a digital copy of Dragonbane with a $24 pledge. Physical copies will be sent to any backer that spends $38 or more. 

You can check out the full Kickstarter for Dragonbane here. The Kickstarter will remain open through September 22nd.