Popular Streamer DrDisrespectLIVE Takes Time Off After Admitting To Cheating On His Wife


Popular Streamer DrDisrespectLIVE, who recently won an award during this year's Game Awards, took to Twitch in tears as he admitted a huge mistake that he made recently.

It was surprising to fans that were expecting a normal every day stream when he came on camera without his iconic wig and look. He sat with an empty backdrop with a sombre look on his face as he tearfully admitted to infidelity. Below is the clip that was taken from a stream while playing the popular battle royale game PUBG:

"As you guys know, I have a beautiful family and a wife and kid. And, um, I want to be transparent that I've been unfaithful," he said with regret, "and, uh, and I'm probably going to be taking some time away, some time off, to focus on ... stupid f*cking mistakes, man. I'm going to take some time off to focus on my family."

The clip was short, but heartfelt. Though the circumstances surrounding the event are not known, he did let his fans know that he will be taking an indefinite amount of time off of the popular streaming service to focus on his family. It's never an easy thing to admit mistakes, or to cause harm to those you love. As to why the streamer decided to be completely transparent is unknown, it is respected as it will affect what those in his community that are constantly supporting his content.


We wish him and his family the best and we hope that a peaceful resolution can be found.