Dreams Player Recreates Marvel's Spider-Man Intro

A Dreams player who’s been building projects and animations in Sony’s new community-fueled [...]

A Dreams player who's been building projects and animations in Sony's new community-fueled game has recreated the intro to another one of the PlayStation 4's exclusive titles. The intro to Marvel's Spider-Man introduces players to Peter Parker as he puts on his Spidey suit and leaps out the window to go stop a crime, and the memorable intro made for a perfect Dreams project.

The video below was shared on Twitter from user by the name of Tamir Williams who created the Marvel's Spider-Man intro in Dreams. After showing off a rough draft of the animation and then another that showed an updated version of the scene with buildings in the background Williams shared one more video of the intro that now has webs actually coming from Spider-Man's hands.

It's obviously not on par with the graphics of Marvel's Spider-Man since the two games are completely different from one another, but if you're familiar with Dreams, you'll appreciate how difficult it is to piece together projects like this one that take quite a bit of effort. Based on the past few videos from the user which showed updated content every time, it looks like the work might not be finished on the intro either.

If it's been a while since you've played Marvel's Spider-Man, you can reference the video below to see how faithful a recreation this Dreams project is.

Other players have built themselves some equally impressive creations in Dreams including one that takes cues from Silent Hill 2. Another recreated Google's T-Rex game that's usually frustrating to see because it means you don't have an Internet connection, but in Dreams, it fits with the formula perfectly.

Dreams is currently available for the PlayStation 4 in early access.


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