Dune: Spice Wars Gameplay Trailer Released

In case you somehow missed it, a new Dune video game, Dune: Spice Wars, was announced back at The Game Awards at the end of 2021. While developer Shiro Games and publisher Funcom revealed the new real-time strategy game with 4X elements set on the world of Arrakis, it did not offer much in the way of details. That changed today, however, with the release of a new gameplay trailer for the title.

As for what Dune: Spice Wars looks like in action, anyone that's played a modern real-time strategy video game should see something relatively familiar in the trailer but with all the trappings of the Dune franchise. It's hard to tell how the whole thing will play out from this in-development look, but it does seem promising. You can check out the new gameplay trailer for Dune: Spice Wars for yourself embedded below:

"This is a universe we care deeply about, and there are millions of fans out there who feel the same strong connection with the source material as we do," said Sebastien Vidal, CEO of Shiro Games, as part of the press release for the new Dune: Spice Wars gameplay trailer. "We're die-hard Dune and strategy nerds, so this is very much a game by fans, for the fans."

Dune: Spice Wars is set to release for PC via Steam in Early Access this spring. The developer intends to update the video game as time goes on with multiplayer, more factions, and a full campaign mode. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Dune: Spice Wars right here.


What do you think about the first gameplay trailer for Dune: Spice Wars? Are you excited to check out the Early Access version of the title later this year? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to reach out and hit me up directly over on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk about all things gaming!