'Dungeons & Dragons' Supplement Explores New Barbarian Paths

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement for barbarians contains six new subclasses, plus roleplaying [...]

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement for barbarians contains six new subclasses, plus roleplaying options and alternative options for existing barbarian paths. Alex Clippinger, the creator of the immensely popular Tome of the Pact supplement on the DMs Guild, is back with a new supplement just for Barbarian fans. Book of the Path: A Barbarian Sourcebook is a new 30 page guide containing a host of information for barbarian fans, including several new barbarian subclasses as well as suggestions for how to make your barbarian character shine in roleplaying moments and suggestions for DMs on how to guide their barbarian players using dreams and visions.

The six new subclasses offer plenty of new options, ranging from the warchanting battle skald to a ragebringer that can inspire bloodlust in their compatriots. There's also the Path of the Possessed, a subclass in which a barbarian taps into a ghostly presence within their body to gain spectral powers during a rage, and the Path of the Timeshaper, a subclass that allows a barbarian to bend time with the use of hazy afterimages that can grow in power as a player levels up. My personal favorite new subclass is the Path of the Vengeful, a barbarian subclass that grows more powerful as the barbarian takes additional damage.

All of the subclasses feel very balanced with D&D's existing barbarian options, but they present some interesting options for players looking to move away from the stereotypical depiction of barbarians in games. The barbarian options presented in Book of the Path are haunting and dangerous, but they also give players options when storming an enemy's front lines. Clippinger also takes the time to discuss D&D's existing subclasses, explaining how entering a rage would affect a character in terms of roleplaying. This, in my opinion, separates Book of the Path from other supplements as it shows players how to think about their character instead of simply giving a list of new rules and options for players.

If you want to dive into the world of barbarians, Book of the Path is a must-have. The supplement is available for $3.95 on the DMs Guild.