Dungeons & Dragons Might Be Remaking a Classic Adventure for Charity

Dungeons & Dragons is teasing the return of a classic adventure as part of their annual support of the Extra Life charity.

Earlier this week, the popular tabletop RPG posted a community poll asking fans to submit "rumors" for what lies in the infamous Barrier Peaks. Dungeons & Dragons will use the rumors in an upcoming Dragon+ adventure scenario that will be released on DMs Guild, a site that publishes digital supplements written by official D&D writers and third party sources.

Longtime fans should recognize the Barrier Peaks as the location of one of the game's most famous and most beloved adventures. Expedition to the Barrier Peaks was an early adventure written by D&D co-creator Gary Gygax that sent players into the mountains in search of the source of a series of monsters attacking a nearby kingdom. The source of the monsters wasn't a cave or mystical portal, but rather a crashed spaceship infecting nearby creatures.

Over the course of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, players fought robots, discovered blaster rifles, and fought classic D&D monsters like the froghemoth (which appeared in D&D for the first time in this scenario). Players needed to find different access cards to fully explore the spaceship and eventually escape from the terrors within.

Expedition to the Barrier Peaks remains a fan-favorite to this day, and was mentioned by Stephen Colbert as his favorite D&D adventure growing up.


D&D's new adventure in the Barrier Peaks will eventually be released on DMs Guild, with the proceeds supporting the Extra Life charity. Extra Life encourages gamers to play games to raise money for their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. D&D has released several supplements in support of Extra Life, including a package last year that added the tortle (an anthropomorphic turtle) as a playable race.

The poll will remain open until September 21st, so fans still have a chance to contribute to a D&D adventure!