Classic Dungeons & Dragons Sourcebook Gets a 5E Update

Green Ronin Publishing is re-releasing The Book of Fiends, updated for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. Earlier this week, Green Ronin Publishing launched a crowdfunding campaign for the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition version of The Book of Fiends. Originally published back in 2005, The Book of Fiends compiled Green Ronin's Legions of Hell and Armies of the Abyss into a single tome that detailed the armies of the damned. The updated sourcebook contains details on the nine Lord of Hells, the seven Exarchs of Gehenna, and multiple demon lords, along with 130 devils, demons, and other creatures to plague your party.

The design team is headed by Robert J. Schwalb, one of the lead designers for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition whose credits also include a long list of other official and third-party Dungeons & Dragons material. The original design team for the book also included Aarom Loeb, Erik Mona, and Chris Pramas.

Demons and devils are popular antagonists in Dungeons & Dragons and there seems to be a constant demand for more demons, devils, and other hellish denizens. Last year, Dungeons & Dragons released Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus, which threw players into the front line of the Blood War between demons and devils, while the 2018 book Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes greatly expanded on D&D's cosmology and detailed various new demons and devils. The Book of Fiends can either be used to support official D&D adventures, or it can be used to help DMs create their own hellish hierarchy.

Backers of the campaign can get a digital version of The Book of Fiends with a $25, while pledging $50 will get a hardcover copy. Backers can also choose a $45 or $70 pledge to get Green Ronin's The Book of the Righteous, which provides a number of gods, churches, and religious organizations that are naturally opposed to the forces of hell. The crowdfunding campaign is seeking $20,000, with approximately $9,000 raised at the time of publishing. Backers have until June 9th to support the campaign. You can check out the full campaign here.

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