'Daredevil' Star Charlie Cox, Kevin Smith, and More to Guest Star in Deborah Ann Woll's New 'Dungeons & Dragons' Show

Deborah Ann Woll's Dungeons & Dragons show will have a ton of famous guest stars during its first season.

Geek and Sundry's new Dungeons & Dragons show Relics & Rarities debuts on Alpha later today. The show stars Daredevil actress Deborah Ann Woll as the DM of a brand new campaign centered around a strange curio shop. The show's core cast includes Tommy Walker, Xander Jeanneret, Julia Dennis, and Jasmine Bhullar, and will feature a different guest star in each episode.

The first episode of Relics & Rarities will also feature a different guest star, starting with Matthew Lillard, the human avatar of the omnipotent Shaggy. Lillard will play a dragonborn sorcerer named Allister Goldfang who is also a spirit reader.

Future guest stars include Daredevil actor Charlie Cox as a pirate arcane trickster named Seamus O'Flanigan, director Kevin Smith as the tiefling warlock/private detective Sam Haynne, Luke Cage actress Simone Missick as a human paladin named Zora Ujasiri, Veep actor Sam Richardson as the gnome ranger Ionis Leatherfoot, and True Blood actress Janina Gavankar as the half-elf rogue/tomb raider Mumee.

You can check out the guest stars introduce their characters in the video below:


The show is billed as perfect for longtime fans of Dungeons & Dragons and newcomers that have never played before. Woll is a fantastic Dungeons & Dragons DM and has promised a campaign full of peril, puzzles, and danger in every episode.

You can watch Relics & Rarities on the streaming service Alpha, which is run by Nerdist. You can sign up for a free trial of the service using the code RELICS.