Dungeons & Dragons: Dice, Camera, Action Goes on Hiatus

The popular Dungeons & Dragons web series Dice, Camera, Action is going on hiatus. Since 2016, Dungeons & Dragons has produced and aired Dice, Camera, Action, a D&D live play series starring lead story designer Chris Perkins and Internet personalities Anna Prosser, Nathan Sharp, Jared Knabenbauer, and Holly Conrad. The show became the D&D's Twitch channel's flagship show and made crossovers with Acquisitions Incorporated and several other D&D video games and live play series. However, D&D announced via Twitter that the show was going on a hiatus several weeks after Knabenbauer, who is also known as ProJared, became the center of an Internet firestorm centering on his recent divorce and alleged interactions with fans.

"There are many reasons why," explained D&D senior communications manager Greg Tito on his weekly D&D News show. "I'm sure most of you know what they are, but we are taking a break from Dice, Camera, Action. Rather than rush into saying anything specific, let's just say we're working on a way to return to a weekly show with Mr. Chris Perkins at the helm. We're already brainstorming tons of amazing things with some of the characters that you know and love from that show." Tito promised more news would be coming in the next few months, and noted that D&D was likely planning to run some one-shots or boardgaming to fill Dice, Camera, Action's weekly timeslot.

On Twitter, Anna Prosser promised that her character's Evelyn would return in some form. "I can assure you, at the very least, that Evelyn's story is not finished being told," she stated in a follow-up Tweet after sharing the news of Dice, Camera, Action's hiatus. While Knabenbauer, Conrad, and Sharp all dropped out of the D&D Live 2019 event earlier this month, Prosser attended as the event's on-stage host and played as her Dice, Camera, Action character Evelyn during a session DMed by Perkins. Conrad replied to Prosser's tweet stating that she wouldn't let her Dice, Camera, Action's story be over as "she still has so many more snacks to give everyone."


Dice, Camera, Action was a fantastic D&D series with a captivating storyline, strong roleplaying, and one of the best DMs in the business. While the hiatus is understandable given the situation, we're glad to see that Dungeons & Dragons is working to continue the story in some way and we look forward to seeing what happens next.