'Dungeons & Dragons' Teases Eberron as Upcoming 5th Edition Campaign Setting

A recent tweet by a Dungeons & Dragons' executive has fans hopeful about a return to the pulp and steampunk-inspired Eberron setting.

Yesterday, D&D's senior director Nathan Stewart was promoting the brand's upcoming collaboration with the retail store Bait during San Diego Comic-Con. Stewart promised to give custom twenty-sided dice to the first 20 fans who visited him at Bait during the convention and then posted a picture showing off the custom dice.

While the picture is a little blurry, players could make out what appears to be the cover of the Eberron Campaign Setting publication on his computer screen. The book was originally published in 2004 as an introduction to Eberron, a dark fantasy world ravaged by war but blessed with an abundance of low-level magic that gave the world a radically different feel.

Dungeons & Dragons has been teasing that they'll be bringing back classic campaign settings for several months. After Stewart revealed to ComicBook.com that there were plans to release some sort of campaign guide for non-Forgotten Realms settings later this year, he noted that the official announcement would come on July 23rd. Recent clues have strongly indicated that Spelljammer would be another campaign setting returning to the game soon.

Keith Baker created Eberron as the winning entry in a 2002 competition in which Wizards of the Coast actively sought out a new fantasy campaign setting for the game. Baker's Eberron beat out 11,000 other settings in the competition.

Players could travel across Eberron using magically propelled airships or via a "lightning rail" that spanned across continents, and the streets were powered using low-level magical lights. Eberron also introduced the artificer, a creator of magical items, as a playable class.

Eberron remained a popular part of Dungeons & Dragons lore during the Third and Fourth Editions of the game. In 2015, Dungeons & Dragons also released an unofficial playtest that updated Eberron for Fifth Edition rules. Baker also regularly answers questions about Eberron on his website.


Stewart is notorious for teasing fans, and recently "leaked" alternate covers for the core rulebooks on his Twitter account. We'll find out later this month whether Stewart "confirmed" that players could soon return to the Eberron campaign setting, or if this was just a lighthearted joke.