Avernus Expands With New Dungeons & Dragons Supplement

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement adds 60 new short encounters for players exploring Avernus. Last week, Dungeons & Dragons released Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus, a new campaign set mostly in Avernus, the first level of the Nine Hells. During the adventure, players will attempt to rescue the city of Elturel from becoming fodder for the eternal Blood War (a conflict between demons and devils) while encountering notable D&D characters like Tiamat, Zariel, and Bel. In conjunction with the campaign's release, a group of seasoned D&D writers have released Encounters in Avernus, which contains over 60 encounters meant to help flesh out Elturel and provide players with new dangers to avoid or confront.

Four of the designers of Encounters in Avernus also worked on Descent Into Avernus, so DMs can be assured that these new encounters fit perfectly into Descent Into Avernus's storyline. Most of the encounters are meant as random encounters meant to be experienced while exploring Avernus, the fallen city of Elturel, or along the River Styx, and range from random encounters with tricky devils to encountering fallen meteors of great power. There are also two "encounter strings" that form mini-storylines that give players a chance to encounter Tiamat or Zariel in ways not found in Descent Into Avernus.

If you're running a Descent Into Avernus campaign, Encounters in Avernus is a great supplement that provides plenty of quick and fun encounters meant to make Avernus come alive. Whether players stumble across a knight in need of assistance or a kraken flailing in the River Styx, Encounters in Avernus contains a number of great prompts that can be used either as short encounters or as story hooks for bigger side quests.

Encounters in Avernus is available on the DMs Guild for $5.95.