Explorer's Guide to Wildemount Adds Four New Dungeons & Dragons Subraces

The new Explorer's Guide to Wildemount adds four new subraces, including two new types of [...]

The new Explorer's Guide to Wildemount adds four new subraces, including two new types of dragonborn and a new type of elf. Yesterday, Dungeons & Dragons and Critical Role released Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, a new campaign setting sourcebook for Wildemount, the continent being explored by Critical Role's current campaign. Helmed by Critical Role DM Matthew Mercer, the sourcebook contains tons of lore about Wildemount and its various cultures, along with new magic items, new spells, and new monsters. One surprise in Explorer's Guide to Wildemount is four new subraces unique to Wildemount with ties to Critical Role's lore along with a variant type of orc. The book contains rules for playing as a Pallid Elf, a Draconblood Dragonborn, a Ravenite Dragonborn, and a Lotusden Halfling.

Pallid Elves are a pale-skinned type of elf that emerged from the Pallid Grove, a petrified forest located in the Menagerie Coast. These elves lived in isolation for hundreds of years, surviving thanks to the blessing of the Moon Weaver and their own adaptation to their strange environment. Pallid Elves receive a +1 to their Wisodm Score, and they can naturally cast Light, Sleep, and Invisibility as they level up.

Like the Pallid Elves, the Lotusden Halflings have adapted to their home - the chaotic and lush Lotusden Greenwood. The trees within the Lotusden Greenwood suddenly come to life, and many monsters and creatures have grown to an enormous size thanks to a hidden druidic fane within the woods. Lotusden Halflings gain a +1 to Wisdom and innately know several druid spells, including Druidcraft, Entangle, and Spike Growth. They are also difficult to track and can pass through forested difficult terrain with ease.

The two new Dragonborn subraces are both tied to the fallen city-state of Draconia. Draconblood Dragonborn were once the ruling class of Draconia, with long tails and a knack for socialization. The Draconblood enslaved the Ravenite Dragonborn during Draconia's reign, but they used the fall of Draconia to rise up against their former masters. Draconblood Dragonborn gain a +2 to Intelligence and a +1 to Charisma, and make Intimidation and Persuasion checks with advantage once per short or long rest. Meanwhile, Ravenite Dragonborn gain a +2 to Strength and a +1 to Constitution and can use their reaction to make an attack against a foe who damaged them once per short or long rest.

The Exandrian Orc is similar to the standard orc, but with two major differences. The Exandrian Orc doesn't have a penalty to Intelligence, and they aren't automatically proficient in Intimidation. Instead, players can choose to be proficient in several skills, with options in Animal Handling, Insight, Medicine, Perception, Survival, or Intimidation.

You can purchase Explorer's Guide to Wildemount from your local gamestore or bookseller. Critical Role episodes can be found on demand on their YouTube channel.