'Dungeons and Dragons' Miniatures Bring Fan-Favorite 'Magic: The Gathering' Characters to Life

WizKids will be making a new line of miniatures based on the upcoming crossover between Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering, which will include an awesome new figure based on a fan-favorite character.

Earlier this week, WizKids announced they would be releasing a new line of Dungeons & Dragons: Icons of the Realms miniatures based on characters seen in the upcoming Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica campaign setting publication. The new Dungeons & Dragons book will show how to build characters and play a campaign in one of the more popular worlds from Magic: the Gathering.

The crown jewel of the new set is a new Gargantuan figure based on Niv-Mezzet, the leader of the Izzet Guild. Niv-Mezzet is a 15,000 year old dragon wizard known as the Dracogenius and is responsible for some of the many inventions that help make Ravnica a better place. In addition to his immense powers, some of his followers are connected to him via the Firemind, a psychic link to his "passionate brilliance."

The new set will include 44 miniatures, including guildmasters like Lazav and Trostoni. Popular monsters like the Boros Reckoner and the Nightveil Specter will also be included as part of the new set. As with past Icons of the Realm miniatures, the new set will be sold in booster boxes containing a combination of one random large or huge miniature and three random small or medium miniatures. You should be able to find individual miniatures on the secondary market pretty quickly, albeit at a premium cost.

WizKids will also release two Starter Sets of miniatures, each of which contain five figures from different guilds. When combined, the two Starter Sets will give players a complete set of miniatures representing each of the ten Ravnica guilds.


The new miniatures will be available in stores in November 2018, around the time that Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica will be released.

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