Magic: The Gathering Villain Nicol Bolas Comes to Dungeons & Dragons in New Supplement

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement has converted the dread elder dragon Nicol Bolas into a [...]

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement has converted the dread elder dragon Nicol Bolas into a monster to terrorize players in campaigns. Bolas is a recurring antagonist in Magic: The Gathering, an ancient dragon that has lived for thousands of years and has fought against the game's recurring protagonists for years. After a multi-year plot to recapture power lost during the cataclysmic Mending, Bolas will be at the heart of the game's upcoming expansion War of the Spark, which pits the dragon against the heroic Gatewatch in a battle for the entire multiverse. Now, Bolas is featured in a new DMs Guild supplement written by Christopher Willett that adds over 90 new monsters to the Ravnica campaign setting.

Bolas is one of the monsters that appears in The Creature Compendium of Ravnica, which adds dozens of monsters inspired by various Magic: The Gathering cards. Bolas is a CR 29 monster, making it more powerful than the Demogorgon or any of Dungeons & Dragons' other great villains. In addition to being a 19th level spellcaster, Bolas also has the ability to breathe fire and blast opponents with a mind shattering touch, making him a fearsome threat even to a team of 20th level adventurers.

Willett has written other DMs Guild supplements for Ravnica campaigns, including a supplement on how to become a planeswalker and a guide for DMs to help bring Ravnica to life in their games. Other Magic: The Gathering characters that appear in The Creature Compendium of Ravnica include the Humongulus, Izoni, and the Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar. There's also statblocks for members of Ravnica's various guilds, include House Dimir, and the Izzet League. The book is a fantastic compendium of monsters that is a must-have for any DM running a campaign in Ravnica, or wants to add a few more strange monsters to their back pocket.

The Creature Compendium of Ravnica is available on the DMs Guild for $11.95.


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