Become a Planeswalker in 'Dungeons & Dragons'

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides rules on becoming one of the Planeswalkers of Magic: The Gathering fame.

Last year, Dungeons & Dragons released Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica, a new publication that served as a campaign setting for the Magic: The Gathering world of Ravnica. The book explained the 10 guilds of Ravnica and provided some new subclasses and monsters, but it didn't touch on two of the more important parts of Magic: The Gathering lore: Planeswalkers and colors.

In Magic: The Gathering, players historically assume the role of a Planeswalker, a powerful magician with the ability to cross between worlds and summon monsters and minions to do their bidding. A Planeswalker's magic is fueled by tapping into distinct colors of mana, each associated with a type of land and/or concept. Colors weren't really touched upon in Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica, nor were Planeswalkers added as a background or subclass.

However, Planeswalkers of Ravnica, a new supplement written by Christopher Willett, adds rules on how to incorporate both colors and Planeswalkers into a Ravnica campaign. Instead of making a Planeswalker class, Willett instead makes it a background, allowing players to incorporate the ability to planeswalk into any class. Players can also choose to align themselves with a certain type of magic, granting access to certain spells that have a thematic association with the different colors.

One nice thing about Planeswalkers of Ravnica is that Willett associates each color with certain alignments, races, and classes, making it easy to quickly build a certain type of character focused around a certain type of magic. He also provides spell lists, personality traits, ideals, and bonds for players aligned with each color type. He also breaks down Dungeons & Dragons' spell list by color type, so that players associated with a certain type of mana can choose to only cast spells that thematically match their color.

The second half of Planeswalkers of Ravnica provides statblocks for eight Planeswalkers found in the various Ravnica card sets, along with some brand-new spells, magic items, and a handful of monsters.


If you're looking to build a Ravnica campaign that feels a bit more closely tied to Magic: The Gathering, you should give Planeswalkers of Ravnica a read. The supplement feels very faithful to the lore of Magic and finds a natural way to incorporate the color concepts into Dungeons & Dragons.

Planeswalkers of Ravnica is available on the DMs Guild for $5.99