Dungeons & Dragons Is Releasing a Dice Set With Sapphires Embedded in a D20

Dungeons & Dragons is releasing a very pretty (and very expensive) set of dice to celebrate the game's forty-fifth anniversary. Back in 1974, TSR, Inc. released the first boxed set of Dungeons & Dragons, the first and still the most popular of tabletop RPG games. Not only did Dungeons & Dragons change gaming as we know it today, it has also endured through countless lows and highs. To celebrate the game's forty-fifth anniversary, Dungeons & Dragons is releasing a Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set. Wizards of the Coast teamed up with Level Up Dice to make the limited edition sets, which are made of aluminum and include a d20 with a sapphire embedded in place of the 20. Surprisingly, Level Up Dice found a way to put the sapphire into the dice without ruining the dice's balance and integrity, meaning that you won't have to worry about the dice being "loaded."

Dungeons & Dragons chose a sapphire for the new dice set as sapphires can be given for both five year and forty-five year anniversary gifts. Since 2019 is also the fifth anniversary of the release of Dungeons & Dragons' popular Fifth Edition ruleset, the D&D team decided that the opportunity was too good to pass on. The Sapphire Anniversary Dice Set will also come with a high quality dice box and a matching dice tray, as well as Fifth Edition rules for the sapphire dragon, a new monster created specifically for the set. Each set will also be numbered to confirm authenticity.

Only 1,974 dice sets will be made. Each set will be sold for $299.99 directly from Wizards of the Coast, and will go on sale on November 21st at 11 AM PT. More information can be found at D&D's webpage.