DC Comics Publishing Dungeons & Dragons Sourcebook for The Last God

DC Comics is publishing a Dungeons & Dragons compatible sourcebook set in the world of its new fantasy series The Last God. The Last God: Tales from The Book of Ages is a 40-page sourcebook that will be published in April and will detail the "the rich history of the people, locations, schools of magic and creatures found throughout Cain Anuun," the setting of The Last God. Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson with art by series artist Riccardo Federici and cover artist Kai Carpenter, the book will also contain Dungeons & Dragons 5E compatible playable races, subclasses, magic items, monsters and more designed by Nerd Poker DM Dan Telfer, and maps by cartographer Jared Blando.

The Last God is a dark fantasy series published as part of DC's Black Label line and is set in a world where the Last God's strange, otherworldly forces are ripping through Cain Anuun. The series follows a small group of uneasy allies, several of whom were part of the last expedition sent to put down the Last God 30 years prior to the beginning of the series. Dark and unforgiving, The Last God is a great new fantasy series that evokes shades of Joe Abercrombie and Robert E. Howard.

The Last God: Tales from The Book of Ages is a bit of a surprise release for DC, but it demonstrates just how popular D&D is right now. By publishing a mini-sourcebook for The Last God, DC clearly sees some crossover potential between its new fantasy series and the greatest fantasy roleplaying game of all time.


The Last God: Tales from the Book of Ages will be released on April 29th with a cover price of $4.99.