TSR, the Original Maker of Dungeons & Dragons, Has Re-Launched as New Company

TSR, the original maker of Dungeons & Dragons, has 'reformed' with Gary Gygax's son taking on a [...]

TSR, the original maker of Dungeons & Dragons, has "reformed" with Gary Gygax's son taking on a leadership role with the company. Earlier this week, TSR announced that it had re-launched with E. Gary Gygax Jr., the son of Dungeons & Dragons' co-creator Gary Gygax, serving as Executive Vice President. Notably, the new TSR will be based out of Lake Geneva, the home of the original TSR, and will make new RPGs in addition to selling TSR-branded merchandise. The first new TSR RPG is GiantLands, a new science RPG by Stephen E. Dinehart IV and James M. Ward set on a devastated Earth. GiantLands was originally produced as a Kickstarter game back in 2019 and will be given a wide release through TSR. TSR Games has also stated they are publishing a second game called Tales and Tots, although no other details were provided.

In addition to making new tabletop games, TSR also operates the Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum, which is located in the first TSR office building in Lake Geneva. In addition, the company has brought on several employees that were previously employed by the original TSR, including Jeff R. Leason (who co-wrote the classic D&D adventure The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan). GiantLands was also designed by former TSR employees, including Ward and artist Larry Elmore.

The ownership of TSR has a long and somewhat complicated history, even after the company itself ceased operations. The original company was purchased by Wizards of the Coast in 1997 and Wizards continued to use TSR branding on D&D products until the launch of D&D's 3rd Edition in 2000. A new company called TSR Games launched in 2012 after its owner acquired the trademark, which Wizards of the Coast had allowed to lapse. Two of Gary Gygax's sons were involved with TSR Games but left the company after a copyright dispute over the publication of Gygax Magazine between TSR Games and Gygax's widow. TSR Games continues to operate today and publishes the Top Secret RPG.

You can find out more information about the new TSR on their website or Facebook page.