'Dungeons & Dragons' Treefolk Return in New Supplement

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement updates a classic D&D race for Fifth Edition play. Earlier [...]

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement updates a classic D&D race for Fifth Edition play. Earlier this week, R P Davis released a new supplement on the DMs Guild that brings back the Volodni, a Forgotten Realms race of treefolk that aren't entirely dissimilar to JRR Tolkien's ents. While ents (and their D&D equivalent treants) were the size of full grown trees, the Volodni were usually only 6 to 7 feet tall with humanoid builds, but with dark green skin and hair that looked like strands of bark. The treefolk are fiercely defensive of their native forests, especially against loggers and other encroachment on their trees.

While the original Volodni were immune to poison and sleep effects, Davis's Fifth Edition update makes the Volodni resistant to poison damage and grants them advantage on saving throws against sleep and charm effects. And as the Volodni are made of plant-like material, they're also susceptible to fire damage and the effects of spells like blight that are aimed specifically at damaging plants. The Volodni also don't require sleep in the same ways of human, but they can communicate telepathically with trees when they take a four hour rest in sunlight.

The Volodni are depicted as steadfast and harsh defenders of nature, and could make for some really interest roleplay. While this version of the Volodni don't have as many of the mechanical advantages that their Third Edition counterparts did, they should still present plenty of interesting roleplaying options.

The Volodni supplement is available for $0.95 on the DMs Guild.


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