Deborah Ann Woll Launches New Ongoing Dungeons & Dragons Show

Daredevil actress Deborah Ann Woll will appear in a new ongoing Dungeons & Dragons live play series. Woll will serve as the Dungeon Master of Children of Earte, a new series hosted by the RPG database/platform Demiplane. She'll be joined by veteran TTRPG live play cast members Hope LaVelle, Alicia Marie, Adam Bradford, Lauren Urban, and Jennifer Kretchmer. An "Episode 0" will air on March 8th where Woll will provide further details about the series and its setting, followed by the official launch of the series on March 15th. Children of Earte (Earte is pronounced Air-tay) is described as a "fairy tale for grown ups" with characters who at first appear to be human commoners but are revealed to be much more over the course of the series. A trailer for the series can be seen below:

In addition to an impressive resume that includes multi-year stints on True Blood and Daredevil, Woll is also a longtime D&D enthusiast. Woll previously developed and starred in the Geek & Sundry series Relics & Rarities, which featured Woll as the DM of a rotating cast of players, with a focus on innovative puzzles. She also made a guest appearance on Critical Role, playing a perky and overly friendly gnome named Twiggy. Curiously, Woll starred in True Blood with fellow D&D aficionado Joe Manganiello, although Woll noted that the two didn't know about their shared love of D&D while working together. Woll has regularly appeared in D&D videos, one-shots and talk shows over the past two years, although Children of Earte will be her first live weekly D&D series. 

Demiplane is quickly becoming a major player in the TTRPG sphere. Last year, Demiplane announced partnerships to develop character builder/online databases for multiple game systems, including Pathfinder, Vampire: The Masquerade, and various Free League Publishing titles. Demiplane also hosts game matching services for a variety of game groups and has on-site video/VTT technology as well. 

Children of Earte launches on March 15th on Demiplane's Twitch channel. A preview of the show will air on March 8th.