'Dungeons & Dragons' is Getting an Unofficial Crossover With Destiny

Dungeons and Dragons has a mass appeal for tabletop RPG fans and a big reason for that is how much freedom this experience allows. Pretty much any other franchise can be crossed over into this universe, the freeform is unreal and allows for the imagination to have a limitless playground. With Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion right around the corner, equipped with feels over our beloved Cayde-6, now is the best time to blend these two universes and that's exactly what one team did.


The project itself is called D&Destiny and it's a free guide open to all for those that want to take to the skies directly from their tabletops. For those familiar, it is based on the Dungeons & Dragons 5E, which is the most recent version of the role-playing game.

The entire conversion isn't quite ready to be downloaded, though early access is available via this team's Patreon. Their Patreon also includes detailed progress reports including combat systems, classes, enemies, and even different beta tests available for those interested.

According to their site, "Dungeons & Destiny, or D&Destiny, is a free tabletop role-playing game based on the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition core rules. What started out as one person's desire to possess a pet Cabal warbeast in a D&D 5e game has grown into a project spanning multiple writers, artists, and game masters, all intent on delivering a fun and exciting Destiny experience in the tabletop setting.

Our goal is to provide both the Destiny and tabletop gaming communities with a product that allows them to explore Bungie's franchise in any way Guardians see fit. Through the support of our Patreon community and the Destiny and tabletop communities as a whole, our team is working diligently to bring all of the lore, characters, and encounters of Destiny to life in a way which should feel familiar to veteran gamers, and allow newcomers to dive right into the world of Destiny."


Interested? You can check out their official project's website right here to learn more, catch up on previous updates, and learn how you can help this team realise their goal and get this collaboration to tabeltops everywhere!