Dungeons & Dragons Removes Hadozee Artwork from D&D Beyond

Dungeons & Dragons has removed several depictions of the Hadozee from D&D Beyond. After apologizing for the inclusion of "offensive material" in the Spelljammer: Adventures in Space boxed set, Wizards of the Coast has removed all depictions of the Hadozee from the digital version of those books found on D&D Beyond. The affected pieces of art include depictions found in Astral Adventurer's Guide along with artwork found in Boo's Astral Menagerie. One piece of artwork, found in Astral Adventurer's Guide, was particularly criticized for its similarity to a historical depiction of a blackface minstrel. 

The Hadozee were at the center of controversy last week over a revised backstory for the race that appeared in Astral Adventurer's Guide. The Hadozee were revised with a history of being experimented on by a wizard, who visited their home planet with the intent of creating magically enhanced soldiers for sale. The depiction was criticized for adding themes of forced enslavement and eugenics as a default for creatures, despite Wizards of the Coast expressing their desire to move away from harmful tropes and descriptions in their books. 

Wizards of the Coast apologized for the offensive material late on Friday and removed several paragraphs from the digital version on D&D Beyond, along with issuing an errata for the books. The company also plans to undergo a "thorough review" about the books and will take appropriate action as a result. The offensive paragraphs will also not appear in future print runs of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. Both the pictures and original content can currently be found on third-party websites like Roll20, although this could be due to the changes being issued during a holiday weekend. 

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