Send Your Dungeons & Dragons Characters to Neverland

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides everything you need to run a campaign in Neverland. Earlier this month, Diana Gaeta published Neverland: The Impossible Island, a new campaign supplement that reinvents Neverland into a world perfect for Dungeons & Dragons players. Neverland: The Impossible Island re-imagines Neverland as a world created by the fae, a place that designed to bring respite and comfort to those making the long journey from life to death. However, Neverland's purpose was subverted by its guardian Pan and his faerie assistant Tinkerbell and turned into their personal playground and a magic kingdom.

While the lore behind Neverland has changed in Neverland: The Impossible Island, it's still unmistakably the Neverland players are familiar with. Using the supplement, players can meet classic characters like Pan, Captain Hook, and Smee, visit classic locales like Skull Rock, or even face off against the infamous Crocodile. Gaeta also adds a new wrinkle to Neverland in the form of the Neverland Resistance, a third faction that operates independently of Hook and Pan and seeks to explore some of the truths behind Neverland.

I really enjoyed Neverland: The Impossible Island and how it updates a classic fictional tale for modern roleplaying. Gaeta neatly removes some of the more problematic elements of the Peter Pan tale without leaving a glaring absence, and presents some interesting story options and updated themes. DMs can choose to whether to present Pan at face value or give his distorted view of Neverland a more sinister undercurrent. Should players discover the truth behind Neverland, will they feel comfortable destroying what Pan built to return Neverland to its original purpose, or will they side with Pan and keep it as a place for anyone to escape their problems? Maybe a DM can even use Neverland to help players sort through a party's larger issues - a way to run away for a bit until they can sort out how to deal with a campaign's big bad or overarching problem.

Neverland: The Impossible Island is available now on DriveThruRPG for $5.00.

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