Play as a Pig That Flies in Dungeons & Dragons

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides rules for playing as a race of anthropomorphic pigs that have crafted magical skyships. Dungeons & Dragons offers several playable anthropomorphic races such as the Tabaxi and the Aarakocra that blend humanoid characteristics with animal traits. Third party publishers and creators have added their own contributions, coming up with their own creative races featuring non-traditional fantasy races such as otters or lobsters. Anthropomorphic races help players embrace the fantasy aspects of Dungeons & Dragons, providing more fanciful options that helps moves the game away from traditional Tolkien-esque fantasy.

Last month, Steve Fidler and Nathanaël Roux released a supplement providing rules to play as the K'rofa, a race of skyfaring anthropomorphic pigs. The K'rofa are natural magewrights and artificers, manning skyships powered by air elemental motes collected as the ships slowly move through the sky. Fidler and Roux's supplement also details the K'rofa's three subraces, which act more as roles within K'rofa society and come with their own unique abilities. Most notably, each of the three subraces have access to their own magewright abilities. In addition to detailing this new race, the K'rofa supplement also provides a handful of new magic items that are unique to the K'rofa, such as the Skylight Disc, which creates a floating disc similar to that created by the Tenser's Floating Disc spell, or the Prevent-Impact Garment, which shields the K'rofa should they take a tumble off one of their skyships.

While the K'rofa feel most at home in the Eberron campaign setting, these flying pig-people can be used just about anywhere, either as NPCs or as an actual playable race. And I appreciate that Roux and Fidler found a way to lean away from the stereotypical pig tropes and found a unique alternative motif to build an entire race around.

You can purchase The K'rofa supplement from the DMs Guild for $2.00.

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