Two of Dungeons & Dragons' Most Unique Subclasses Are Currently Free

Dungeons & Dragons players can currently get their hands on two of the game's most unique subclasses for free. As part of Dungeons & Dragons' current "Stay at Home, Play at Home" initiative, Wizards of the Coast announced that the adventure Rats of Waterdeep will be free from now until May 18th. The adventure is made for Level 1 adventurers and was designed by veteran D&D designers Lysa Penrose and Will Doyle, both of whom have also worked on D&D adventures like Baldur's Deep: Descent Into Avernus and Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

Although getting a best-selling adventure for free is reason enough to download Rats of Waterdeep, the adventure also comes with two subclasses - the Rat King Ranger and the Circle of Plague Druid. The Rat King Ranger is an urban explorer who can summon rat swarms in combat. At higher levels, the Rat King Ranger can also use rats as their eyes and ears throughout the city, using them as focuses for clairvoyance spells and sending them as animal messengers to communicate with allies. Meanwhile, the Circle of Plague Druid focuses on the cycle of death and rebirth that plagues bring about by creating pools of primal magic when nearby creatures die that can be stored and used to heal allies. Plague Druids also gain mastery over spells like infestation and contagion, and can eventually use their innate healing abilities to simultaneous damage foes with necrotic energy.

Both subclasses are perfect for urban-themed campaigns like Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, and players can test them out by playing through Rats of Waterdeep. I'm an especially big fan of the Rat King ranger, as I love the idea of being able to control swarms of rats that can flood the battlefield and overwhelm foes at a moment's notice. Both subclasses also have NPC statblocks in the adventure, allowing them to be used as enemies as well. Download this great adventure for free and ask your DM if you can use either (unofficial) subclass in your next campaign.

Rats of Waterdeep is currently available for free on the DMs Guild through May 18th.