Dungeons & Dragons Releases Strixhaven - A Curriculum of Chaos Previews

Dungeons & Dragons has released several mini-previews of its upcoming Magic: The Gathering sourcebook. Later this year, Wizards of the Coast will release Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, a new campaign setting sourcebook that details the magic school of Strixhaven. Wizards first introduced Strixhaven in a Magic: The Gathering set of the same name and is now providing players with an in-depth look at the school, as well as a full-length D&D adventure set on the school's campus. 

As part of a lead into D&D Celebration, an annual streaming event that coincides with the release of D&D's full-length adventure book The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, Wizards has provided various Magic: The Gathering personalities with small previews from the book. The previews include a brief description of owlins, a new race being introduced in Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, along with looks at some of the extracurricular club and jobs player characters can participate in while attending college. Most notably, it appears that each extracurricular club comes with an associated set of skill checks that will be used regularly when participating in that club. A fourth preview shows a miniature map of the Witherbloom campus, including an area rather hilariously known as the Detention bog.

So far, a total of five previews have been released on Twitter and several more are expected later today. We'll update this article as more previews are released. 

Wizards of the Coast also released a preview of the Strixhaven book in their Dragon+ magazine, which provided some details on the mascots for each college within Strixhaven. Players who choose the Strixhaven Mascot feat (available at Level 4) can cast find familiar and then have that familiar take the form of their college's mascot. The feat also allows players to "gift" an attack action to their familiar or swap places with their familiar (provided it's within 60 feet of them) once per long rest. 


Strixhaven - A Curriculum of Chaos will be released on November 16th. D&D Celebration kicks off tomorrow on D&D's Twitch channel.