ESPN Runs Dungeons & Dragons Segment on SportsCenter

ESPN ran an extended segment on the Cleveland Browns' Dungeons & Dragons game on SportsCenter over the weekend. The feature showcased a D&D game run by former Cleveland Browns fullback Johnny Stanton IV, with current Browns players Myles Garrett and Wyatt Teller as two of the players. The four-minute video is mostly an overview of Dungeons & Dragons and the group discussing overcoming the common perception of the game, but it also shares some details about Teller and Garrett's characters. You can check out the full segment below in the videos posted by Stanton on Twitter.

Garrett has arguably been one of the best defensive players in the NFL since debuting in the league in 2017, while Teller is an All-Pro guard. Although Stanton was cut by the Cleveland Browns before the start of the season as the offensive scheme moved away from using a fullback, he notably scored a game-winning touchdown last year against the Vikings after wearing a Critical Role t-shirt into FirstEnergy Stadium. The trio also participated in a charity game earlier this year in Cleveland, with D&D personalities Ify Nwadidwe, Aabria Iyengar and Brandon Tharp also involved. Stanton has also donated Dungeons & Dragons Starter Kits to a school in Canton Ohio before the pre-season. 

Dungeons & Dragons has grown from a niche tabletop game to a major franchise, with Hasbro planning to expand through TV, movies, and merchandise in the coming years. Many celebrities are also notably Dungeons & Dragons players, although the Cleveland Browns group might be the most notable group of professional athletes to play the game. 

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