Dungeons & Dragons Releases Two New Subclasses From Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

tasha hed
(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

Dungeons & Dragons has released two new subclasses from their upcoming expansion. Earlier today, Dungeons & Dragons officially released previews of the Barbarian - Path of Wild Magic and Genie Patron for Warlocks, both of which will appear in November'sTasha's Cauldron of Everything, a major rules expansion for its Fifth Edition ruleset. The previews were released ahead of D&D Celebration 2020, a weekend-long event celebrating the release of the new Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden adventure. The new previews reveal a complete overhaul of the Wild Magic Barbarian, with almost all of its features receiving some sort of change. The Genie Patron remains mostly unchanged from its most recent 2020 playtest, with the wish spell being removed from the additional spell list.

The changes to the Wild Magic Barbarian include the following:

  • The Wild Magic table receives an overhaul, with several effects now triggered with the use of a bonus action instead of being a one-time effect.
  • 6th-level Bolstering Magic feature (called Magic Reserves in the playtest) now has the option of granting a creature a d3 bonus whenever it makes an attack roll or ability check and no longer requires the Barbarian to take damage to use the feature.
  • 10th-level Unstable Backlash feature (called Arcane Rebuke in the playtest) now allows the Barbarian to spend their reaction to make a roll on their Wild Magic table when they take damage instead of dealing 3D6 force damage,
  • 14th-level Controlled Surge allows the Barbarian to roll a d8 twice whenever they use Wild Magic and choose between the two effects listed on the table.

The previews note that the content could be subject to change prior to publication. Additionally, Dungeons & Dragons confirmed to ComicBook.com that more previews would be released over the next few days. You can check out the previews on the D&D Celebration webpage.