Dungeons & Dragons Reveals New Details About New Feywild Adventure

Dungeons & Dragons has revealed a host of new details about its upcoming adventure The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. During a media event hosted earlier this week, Wizards of the Coast revealed several new details about the adventure prior to D&D Live, a two-day streaming event hosted by the G4 network focused on the Dungeons & Dragons game and brand. The Wild Beyond the Witchlight is a Level 1-8 campaign mostly set in the Feywild, the magic plane home to countless fairies, sprites, and other fey creatures. Unlike most past adventures, The Wild Beyond the Witchlight's encounters can all be solved without resorting to combat, providing players with an option to use their wits and roleplay to get through the adventure.

The new adventure starts at the Witchlight Carnival, a carnival that appears once every eight years. The carnival is run by two shadar-kai named Mister Witch and Mister Light, the latter of whom is a nod to Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes, which was an inspiration for the adventure. While the carnival offers plenty of NPCs and attractions to catch players' fancies, it is also a gateway to the Feywild Domain of Delight named Prismeer. Time has not been kind to Prismeer and players will have to contend with the mysterious Hourglass Coven if they want to restore this part of the Feywild to its full splendor.

Wizards of the Coast confirmed that the new adventure would also provide rules to for players to make characters of two new races - fairies and harengon (also known as rabbit folk.) Both races were previewed in an Unearthed Arcana playtest earlier this year. A third race that appeared in that playtest, a feywild hobgoblin, will not appear in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, but will instead be saved for a new adventure. Two new character backgrounds will also be added in the campaign -the Feylost, for characters who grew up in the Feywild, and the Witchlight Hand for characters who work at the Witchlight Carnival.

Interestingly, the Feywild is being established as a parallel of sorts to Ravenloft, a collection of demiplanes explored in this year's Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft. While Ravenloft has Domains of Dread that are used to imprison Darklords, the Feywild has Domains of Delight that are ruled over by archfey. The creatures in the feywild seem much more whimsical and pleasant, with butterfly wings noted as a recurring motif and a displacer beast kitten named Star showed off in artwork during the press event. You can check out that artwork (which also features the treant Little Oak and a member of the Getaway Gang child gang that's also involved with the adventure) below:

little oak and star
(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

You can find out more about D&D's newest adventure by watching D&D Live, which will stream on the D&D and G4 Twitch and YouTube channels, as well as Peacock, both today and tomorrow.