Dying Light 2 and How Fallout: New Vegas Writer Chris Avellone Helped Define the Rules

When Dying Light 2 was first unveiled during E3 2018, fans of the iconic zombie game were instantly enthralled by the much bigger map and decadent horror components. When Fallout: New Vegas' Chris Avellone took to the Xbox stage to show off his latest project to the world, we knew it was going to be good.

We already knew that Avellone had a big part to play in the upcoming game but now we have a clearer idea on just how much the creative mind impacted the horror sequel! Thanks to a new interview with DigitalFoundry, Lead Designer Tymon Smektala had nothing but glowing praise for the writer and how he crafted this incredible backstory.

"He was with us from the start," the Lead Designer told the site. "He helped us to define the idea for modern dark ages, a unique setting that we have in the game. It’s a setting that explains, presents a world where the civilisation has gone back to [the] dark ages. But everything that you see around is quite modern.

"Perhaps it's not working, but the things that we take for granted right now—the things that we see outside our window, are artefacts of a previous time. Right now, everything is brutal, primal and merciless. Chris Avellone helped us to define that world, define the rules that govern it, and [helped] define the factions that operate in the city."

He also talked about the game's' fluidity and how the world will work with both style and player movement. To see the full interview, check out the video at the top of the article to hear what else Smektala had to say in an even closer look at Dying Light 2.

It seems that the sequel while be much heavier than its predecessor, but how does it "connect everything," exactly? Ciszewski explained in an earlier interview, “There is a stream that runs through Dying Light 2; a common thread that ties together everything that we do. But I don’t want to spell it out. I’d prefer players to experience it at a subconscious level.”

Avellone also added that the challenges faced in-game will go far beyond that of just enemies, but of agendas as well. Dying Light 2 aims to challenge player philosophies while also adding strategy as to how to make it in this gritty future.


Dying Light 2 drops next year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

H/T PC Gamer