Dying Light 2 Developer Confirms Fan-Favorite Feature Is Coming

Dying Light 2 was released last month missing some features players were puzzled to see missing. While the game is brimming with content like every modern open-world RPG, it's missing some features players have come to expect from modern AAA games. Unfortunately, for these players, these types of features are increasingly pushed to post-launch for a variety of reasons. One of these features is a photo mode, which is almost never included at launch anymore but is rather saved for later for a post-launch pop. Dying Light 2 is the latest example of this practice. Whether it was held intentionally or pushed so Techland could focus on other things, we don't know. What we do know is it's a feature that was missing at launch, is still missing, but is being worked on. 

Techland (via lead game designer Tymon Smektal) confirmed the feature -- alongside New Game Plus -- is in the works, but it didn't have anything to say about when either will be added. What is teased by Smektal is that these features and more are coming "very soon."

"Those are definitely things that are on the table currently and that are being worked on. I don't want to go into too many specifics here... but very soon, people will start seeing those things being added in one form or another into the game," said Smektal when asked about photo mode and more.

Of course, "very soon" is not only subjective but vague. That said, when more information is provided, we will be sure to update you on everything you need to know.

Dying Light 2 is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. For more coverage on the popular zombies game, click here.

"Dying Light 2 gets off to a slow start, and some might even see it as a slog, but if you see it through just a bit longer, you'll discover a tension-filled journey through the zombie apocalypse that rewards players who are fearless and leap into danger," reads a snippet of our review of the game. "Soon you'll be gliding, leaping, and zip-lining through the world and cleaving the most deadly of Infected with precision and utter brutality. This is not an easy world to live in, and at times the darkness can almost overwhelm you, but more often than not the rich characters, compelling narrative, and thrill ride combat create a mixture that just can't be resisted, and it's a world I look forward to returning to."

H/T, Game Informer.