Dying Light 2's Premier Writing Team Features Writers From The Witcher 3

dying light 2
(Photo: Techland)

When Dying Light 2 was unveiled to the world during Microsoft's E3 press conference, it showed a new direction for the sequel: a deeper investment in narrative.

At the time of said reveal, this was represented in Chris Avellone taking stage with the title of one of the game's writers. For those that don't know: Avellone is one of the industry's leading writers, with credits that include Fallout, Prey, Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Divinity Original Sin, Wasteland, and many more. When it comes to RPG writers, there aren't many more well known and successful than Avellone.

But Avellone won't be alone.

Speaking to VG247, Techland has revealed that the writing team also consists of writers from The Witcher 3, one of most celebrated role-playing games ever, and widely cherished for its epic narrative.

More specifically, some of The Witcher 3 writers on-board are the ones responsible for the Bloody Baron quest line, arguably the game's best quest line, and a quest that is almost universally agreed upon to be one of the best, if not the best, side-quests of all-time.

"We also got some additional help in the form of the former The Witcher 3 writing team," said Techland. "Those guys were responsible for some of the best quests from that game including the Bloody Baron quest line. All of those guys are working very hard to create a narrative – it's like a puzzle to play with."

In other words, Dying Light 2's narrative has the potential to deliver a top-notch narrative, and at the very least should be a considerable improvement over the first game, which players fell in love for its gameplay, but not so much for its story.


We don't know a great deal about Dying Light 2's story, or even the game itself, but what we do know is the decisions you make during it will shape the game's world in real-time. Further, said world is said to be politically charged, featuring multiple factions. Your choices you make will alter and impact the politics at hand and the factions, and as a result, the city and its citizens will be impacted via a trickle down effect.

Dying Light 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is slated to release sometime next year.