Dying Light Upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X Should Be Releasing Soon

Prior to the launch of Dying Light 2 in early 2022, developer Techland recently revealed that it is planning to bring the original Dying Light to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X platforms in the near future. While this game is already playable on both next-gen platforms via backward compatibility, Techland will instead soon be releasing a new patch that could upgrade Dying Light for next-gen hardware. And while news regarding the specifics of this patch haven't yet been disclosed to the public, it seems like the upgrade could be rolling out in the very near future. 

In recent days, the ESRB, which is the video game ratings board for North America, added a new rating for Dying Light on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Much like the game's other version across numerous other pieces of hardware, it has again received an M-rating, which isn't a surprise at all. However, the fact that the ESRB has even rated the game whatsoever at this point in time seems to suggest that the next-gen upgrade in question will be arriving pretty soon. Typically, new ratings like this only end up hitting the ESRB website once a release date is imminent. 

While Techland itself hasn't yet revealed when this PS5 and Xbox Series X patch for Dying Light will go live, it has previously unveiled that it will be releasing the game on Nintendo Switch this month on October 19 as well. Curiously, this listing by the ESRB also happens to mention the Switch version, which seems to suggest that the next-gen upgrade will be rolling out in proximity to the version for Nintendo's platform. If a new release date for this patch is revealed by Techland at any point soon, we'll be sure to let you know. 

Are you going to look to replay Dying Light on PS5 or Xbox Series X before the release of Dying Light 2 next year? Or will you instead look to try the game out for the first time? Let me know either down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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