Dying Light and Rust Get a Crossover Event

Dying Light Techland is now having a crossover event with Facepunch Studios' Rust, the two studios announced this week. Techland said on Monday that the event is now underway in Dying Light for the PC version at least and will continue until April 26th. It includes new objectives for players to complete as well as more rewards for their troubles and even adds in enemies from Rust to the game.

To start off the event, all you have to do is hop into Dying Light to receive a free Rust bundle right away. It comes with a Heavy Plate outfit, a Salvaged Cleaver melee weapon, a Custom SMG, the Rust Assault Rifle, and the special Rust Bucket skin for your buggy.

"When your life's at stake, there's only one thing you can do—grab whatever you find and use it to your advantage," a preview of the new itmes read. "Like that Heavy Plate outfit that's apparently all the rage and will show everyone around how inventive you are. Or the Salvaged Cleaver with which you'll chop both zombies and bandits as if they were veggies (quick disclaimer: do NOT eat the zombies! Or the bandits!). Prefer fighting from a distance? Then shoot your enemies with the Custom SMG or the Rust Assault Rifle, the latest advance in unconventional weapon-making. And for the final piece of your survivor's kit—the new buggy, Rust Bucket—the capstone of your engineering skills."

Outside of the free items, you'll find more new content now in Dying Light as part of the event. Zombies will have buckets on their heads, new bounties can be tracked down and researched to collect rewards like gold weapon blueprints, there are new bandit outposts to raid with their own rewards for the trouble, and there's even a totally new enemy in the game now with the addition of the Outpost Scientists.

While the event is live as of Monday, it's only available on the PC version of Dying Light right now. Techland said that the event is indeed coming to consoles though, but that won't happen until sometime in May.


As for the future of the games and the series they belong to, people are still eager to learn more about the long-awaited Dying Light 2 that's planned for consoles and PC. Rust is similarly getting a console version that'll be out in May.