E3 2017: Bethesda's The Evil Within 2 Releasing In October

Bethesda announced today during their E3 conference that they would be releasing the [...]

Bethesda announced today during their E3 conference that they would be releasing the survival-horror game The Evil Within 2 later this year.

The sequel to their first game called The Evil Within, the second installation in the series looks just as gruesome and violent as the first was. While many would draw comparisons between The Evil Within and the Resident Evil franchise, Bethesda's take on the horror genre is arguably a more brutal experience; take a look at the first game's box art, laden with barbed wire, if you need convincing.

Bethesda's trailer for the game looked to be just as disorienting and disturbing as the first game was. Darkness ruled the settings and limbs cracked the wrong way, all contrasted by some stunningly white animations that made their dark counterparts that much more eerie.

One of the parts that players from the first game will notice is the spindly arms that reach out towards the end, likely connected to an enemy that bears resemblance to the spider-like Laura Creature from The Evil Within. If it's got more enemies like that reoccuring foe in this newest title, it's sure to be just as intense of a ride.

While many players are undoubtedly excited to see The Evil Within 2 finally getting a confirmation, the news comes as just a bit less of a surprise after news broke earlier of an ad that popped up on a PlayStation 4 subreddit that indicated the game would be coming soon. The pair of ads didn't last long before being removed from the site, but it was up long enough for people to see and grab screenshots of. One of the ads mentioned that the game was available for preorder, and another confirmed that Shinji Mikami would also be heading up the creation of the terrifying story.

Some news also broke back in March that some job listings were posted by Tango Networks that called for talented individuals to put their efforts towards another project, one of the listings explicitly stating it would be for work on The Evil Within 2.

The Evil Within 2 is set to be released on Oct. 13 of this year, a Friday the 13th, no less.