E3 Reportedly Considering Huge Changes for 2020

E3 2020 may completely change the show as we know it, at least this is what a new report suggests is possibly in the pipeline. More specifically, a new report claims the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is hoping to take E3 and turn it into something that's more akin to Gamescom, which in turn will bring an additional 10,000 consumers to the show. One way it will does this is by rebranding the show to a "fan, media, and influencer festival," which sounds chaotic.

As you will know, E3 has never been a consumer show. It's been a business and press show that the last few years has been trying to -- unsuccessfully -- blend traditional E3 with a consumer show like Gamescom. That said, apparently the ESA is doubling down on changing the DNA of the long-running video game superbowl.

According to a supposed pitch deck intended for the lobbying group's member, the ESA is changing the show based on feedback from publishers, who sound like they want more people at the show. To transition the show, the ESA is allegedly hoping to tap more into influencers and paid celebrity deals.

The deck includes two examples of what the ESA is going for: the Los Angeles Lakers playing a basketball game in front of fans and actors competing in a tournament. I know, original. To do this, the E3 show floor may see a massive change.


That said, to accommodate press and the business done at the show between publishers, developers, and retailers, the ESA is leaning towards providing a day that will be closed to the public.

This is just the tip of the iceberg: the deck also mentions partnering with charities, multiple ways to combat long demo lines, media partnerships, and more. For more on this and the all of the aforementioned details, be sure to check the full report on Games Daily.