EA Leaks Personal Info of FIFA 20 Players

Electronic Arts opened the registration for FIFA 20’s Global Series on Thursday to allow players to sign up for this year’s competition, but some players found that their information they provided was ending up in the wrong hands. Those who signed up were asked to verify some details about their EA account and were instead presented with other people’s information including their email address and countries of residence. EA has since issued a statement on the leaked information and said it’s been resolve now, but not until after around 1,600 people were affected by the issue.

News of the info leak first began appearing on social media on Thursday when people said that they’d received information belonging to others who signed up for the Global Series. Twitter user George Hughes shared the screenshot below (thanks, PC Gamer) that showed they’d received information that belonged to another player. An email address, country of residence, ID, birthday, and what looks to be a PlayStation Network ID were all included in the message from EA, though the details were blurred out for privacy.

After accounts of this apparent data leak first started coming out, EA shared an update to say it was “aware of a potential issue affecting the registration page for the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series.” The registration page was taken down while the problem was being investigated.

Another update shared a few hours afterwards gave a more detailed statement on what happened.


“At approximately 1pm UK Time, we announced the registration portal page for the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series,” the statement read. “Shortly after, we learned that some players trying to register were seeing the information of other players who had already signed-up through the registration page. We immediately took action to shut down the site by 1:30pm UK Time. We were able to root cause the issue and implement a fix to be clear that information is protected. We’re confident that p layers will not see the same issue going forward.”

Continuing with its statement, EA said “approximately 1,600 people were potentially affected by this issue” and said it was taking steps to contact those people. Registration will re-open in the coming days, EA said. In the meantime, you can see more about the Global Series by visiting its site.