EA Sports' FIFA Series Becomes Best Selling Sports Franchise of All Time

Leave it to EA Sports’ FIFA franchise to kick things up a notch just in time for its latest [...]


Leave it to EA Sports' FIFA franchise to kick things up a notch just in time for its latest release.

Yes, even Madden can't seem to stand up to the worldwide popularity of the company's soccer sims, based on numbers reported by GamesIndustry International. It's reported that the latest entry in the series, FIFA 18, has become the biggest selling release in the series, clearing out 24 million copies since September 2017.

As a result, the franchise as a whole has managed to sell over 260 million copies overall, becoming the go-to favorite for EA Sports.

That's not all, as the company's mobile games are doing quite well, too. FIFA Mobile has managed to sell more than 193 million installs since its release, and Asia exclusive releases FIFA Online 3 and 4 are performing admirably, with over 115 million registered players to date.

This is great news leading up to the release of FIFA 19 later this month, which promises to be the most feature-laden entry in the soccer series yet. No doubt it'll sell just as well as FIFA 18 did, and perhaps even better than that.

"For millions of players around the world the FIFA franchise has become more than just a game - it's as big a part of their football DNA as the teams they love," said FIFA executive producer Aaron McHardy. "Football is a sport that can unite the world through play, and whether it be through console, mobile, competitive gaming or regional experiences like FIFA Online 4 in Asia, we are excited to find more and more ways to connect players to the world's game."

It's unknown what the company's mobile plans for soccer fans are this year, though FIFA Mobile will likely be updated with more current stats and teams. We'll let you know once those plans are finalized.

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For the time being, though, EA Sports is gearing up for a huge launch of FIFA 19, which will no doubt be backed by a strong advertising campaign, including some real-life soccer promotion. Because, well, if it's in the game, it's in the game...right?

FIFA 19 will release on September 28 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.