Elden Ring Rumored to Hold New Network Test Soon

A new rumor has emerged suggesting that Elden Ring will soon be holding a new Network Test prior to its release in early 2022. This would be the second beta that the action-adventure title has had, with the first test having transpired just last month. And while the shaky nature of this rumor makes it something that you shouldn't put your hope in just yet, the situation that has been outlined does sound very plausible. 

According to a new thread on 4chan, publisher Bandai Namco going to soon announce a new Open Network Test for Elden Ring during The Game Awards next week. Unlike the previous Network Test, this new one would be open to all players and would take place in a different locale compared to the previous beta phase. The rumor goes on to state that this new demo would take place between December 10 and 12. Furthermore, it would only be available on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, with those on PC left out once again. 

As mentioned, it's worth taking this rumor associated with Elden Ring with a pretty major grain of salt. Since the source of this supposed information is from 4chan, then there's no way to verify how legitimate this could be. And while 4chan has been a source of accurate leaks in the past when it comes to upcoming video games, it's always a very questionable place to gather new info. 

That being said, what has been expressed here isn't that far-fetched. While FromSoftware and Bandai Namco haven't currently said whether or not any new Network Tests would be taking place prior to the launch of Elden Ring, it's not unusual to see multiple betas come about for many titles prior to their eventual arrival. As such, there is a chance that this could very much be accurate. 

No matter what the truth is, we won't have a whole lot longer left to find out given that The Game Awards is slated to take place on December 9. And as for Elden Ring, the game is going to be releasing next year on February 25 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.