Elden Ring Players Get Freebie from PlayStation

Elden Ring players on either the PS4 or PS5 consoles have a free reward from PlayStation waiting for them so long as they've gotten far enough into the game to claim it. PlayStation quietly divvied out this reward this week as part of its PlayStation Stars program with players earning a collectible modeled after the game's "Turtle Pope" as he's so affectionately been named. The catch is that you have to have beaten a certain boss already and have to be enrolled in the PlayStation Stars program to receive this reward.

PlayStation Stars users noticed the Elden Ring challenge and the associated reward recently when it started showing up within the PlayStation App where the collectible program is housed. According to the details of this PlayStation Stars challenge, players must defeat Godrick before they can claim the reward. If you've already done so, you should get a pop-up congratulating you on your victory with instructions to launch the game. Once you've launched Elden Ring, you should get the reward without any issue.

The reward in question can be seen below courtesy of Twitter user Joel Garcia who was one of several that showed it off online. It's called the "January Baloon | Hard Game Club 2023," and considering the hat the turtle's wearing in the collectible, it's clearly meant to be Miriel, Pastor of Vows from Elden Ring.

It's a neat reward, though there's been some uncertainty regarding if it can be gained retroactively. That is to say that if you've signed up for PlayStation Stars but haven't yet beaten Godrick, it's unclear if you'll get a pop-up like this one to issue the challenge. The PlayStation Stars challenge did just recently launch on January 4th, however, so there's still time to claim it if you haven't yet been prompted to do so.

PlayStation Stars, for those less familiar with the service, was announced during Summer 2022 and launched a few months later with players able to earn collectibles like this one as well as a digital currency, too. That currency can be exchanged for things like full games, though those are naturally pricy, so knocking out quests to get the free collectibles is the more common use of the program. You can read more about PlayStation Stars and can sign up for the service here.