Elden Ring Reveal May Be Sooner Than You Think

Gamers have been patiently waiting for new information on Elden Ring since it was first announced at E3 2019, and it looks like an end might finally be in sight. In a thread about FromSoftware titles on ResetEra, insider Omnipotent seems to be teasing a reveal related to Elden Ring. On Sunday, the poster cryptically posted an image of a car mirror with the familiar "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" wording. The car coming up on its side features the words "Humanity Restored," and the Elden Ring logo can be seen in the distance. The poster went on to say that they had the image specifically commissioned, and the wording in the post is "very much deliberate."

Fans of FromSoftware games have been eagerly waiting for some kind of word on Elden Ring, as nothing has been seen since its initial teaser trailer. There were rumors that the game might get an official reveal back in March, but those rumors didn't pan out, for one reason or another. With E3 just around the corner, some information is starting to leak out about the plans of various companies attending the digital event. Bandai Namco Entertainment will have a presentation, so it's possible that Elden Ring is planned for the show and news leaked to Omnipotent.

For those less familiar with the game, Elden Ring is an upcoming title published by Bandai Namco. The project features a collaboration between George RR Martin (of Game of Thrones fame) and Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of Dark Souls. The game's music is being composed by Souls veteran Yuka Kitamura. Despite the involvement of Miyazaki and Kitamura, Elden Ring is not part of the Souls franchise, but it will reportedly feature some elements from the series. Fortunately, fans of FromSoftware just might have a lot more information on the game soon! Hopefully the reveal will live up to all the hype.

Elden Ring has been announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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