Elon Musk Trolls 'Fortnite' Hard

Fortnite is a game that you can't seem to escape. Whether you're into the popular online title or not is irrelevant, it's everywhere. The wild surge in popularity began when Epic Games made their free-to-play Battle Royale debut alongside their pre-existing Save the World mode in an era where PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds reigned supreme. The title continues to smash through records and hasn't slowed down with its presence in mainstream media but there's one man that stands out among the rest: Elon Musk.

The engineering genius has been quite busy this year among being ... well, Elon Musk while also dealing with some major controversies along the way but it seems like he couldn't pass up the opportunity to troll the wildly popular Battle Royale game with a spoof article that leads with the quote "I had to save these kids from eternal virginity." Ouch, Musk ... ouch.

Fellow Twitter users couldn't wait to get in on this action:

Obviously the "article" is fake but the fact that Elon Musk memed himself dogging on ...well, really anything, is pretty funny. Keep in mind that we don't agree with the trolling. In fact, many in our office love this game - maybe a little too much - but it's just so wonderfully random that we couldn't help but to share.

I'll admit, I dogged on this game hard when it was first announced and continued to do so after its release. I often joked that it was the "Casual's PUBG" ... that is, until I played it. Then I slowly became addicted and ... well, here we are.


What makes it even funnier is that the game - unless you are looking for the Save the World mode - is totally free-to-play outside of cosmetic microtransactions. Basically, this is just something to laugh at and there is not a single thing wrong with a little laughter.

What say you? What other game do you think the Musk Man should meme next? Sound off in the comment section below!