Epic Games Store Adds New Search Feature

The Epic Games Store now boasts a search function that’ll allow players to sift through it’s [...]

The Epic Games Store now boasts a search function that'll allow players to sift through it's growing library of games.

Epic Games' storefront launched several months ago, though it was missing some features those who use Steam and other retailers would come to expect from a launcher and store. Features have been added periodically alongside games in that timeframe, and Epic Games' director of publishing strategy Sergey Galyonkin announced on Monday that a search function is the latest tool browsers can use.

If you're thinking this perhaps should've been a standard feature that users would expect to see when the store launched, you're not alone. Replies to Galyonkin's tweet are filled with people mocking the feature as being "innovative" and asking why it wasn't included in the first place, but Galyonkin responded to one of those quips to remind people that the store only launched with three games. With such a small library to show at the beginning, Galyonkin said there wasn't a need for such a function.

A case for having a search bar at the beginning of the store's life can still be made, but it's at least here now that the store's catalog is expanding. Some of the new games it's been adding are exclusives, too, which means PC players won't be able to buy them anywhere else until a year after they're released in most cases. Metro Exodus was one of the more controversial examples of this exclusivity that paved the way for other games like The Division 2 to follow.

An offline mode is another feature that the Epic Games Launcher received not long ago. Since users not only shop there but also play their games through Epic Games' program, an offline mode was added so that players could make others unaware of their online status.


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