Epic Games Store's First Big Sale Is Happening Soon

It looks like the Epic Games Store will be holding its first big sale soon, according to some leaked information which was later partially confirmed by Epic Games. The storefront has been expanding its library of games, occasionally through exclusivity deals, and if you’ve been holding out on picking up any of these, you might get your chance to get the one you want at a discount.

A sale isn’t exactly a feature like the ones Epic Games is working on for the store to bring it in line with competing digital retailers, but it’s still a step toward that goal. Epic Games hasn’t yet announced a date for when this Mega Sale will take place, but the company behind the store confirmed on Twitter recently that it was indeed happening. Fortnite players already knew this though after the game’s Twitter account confirmed it first when the MOTD was updated to show information about the upcoming sale.

The announcement the Fortnite tweet was referenced showed up in Fortnite’s in-game news feed not long ago and called the event the “Epic Games Store Mega Sale.” It also included an interesting detail which hasn’t been confirmed by Epic Games but looks like a safe bet considering it was already added to the MOTD. If you’ve enabled two-factor authentication on your account that’s used to access the Epic Games Store, you’ll get $10 worth of credit to spend. Combine that with the sale itself and you should be getting some games for

Several games have become exclusive to the Epic Games Store for different lengths of time recently. One of the latest announcements confirmed that Outer Wilds would be exclusive to that storefront, and perhaps the biggest acquisition has been Borderlands 3 which releases in September.



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