Evolve's Dedicated Servers Are Shutting Down

(Photo: 2K Games)

Today, 2K Games announced that Evolve's dedicated servers will be shutting down on September 3, 2018.

According to 2K, this will mean that several game features will no longer playable, such as Hunt (Ranked), leaderboards, and the in-game store. Further, Stage 2 will no longer be available on PC.

While some features will be stripped, others will remain intact, such as peer-to-peer multiplayer in Legacy Evolve on PC and console. All players will also retain all of their purchased DLC content, such as Monsters, Hunters, and skins.

In other words, if you purchased Evolve, you'll be able to access Legacy Evolve even after the dedicated servers are shut down. However, the free-to-play PC version, Evolve Stage 2, will no longer be available.

With the store shutting down on September 3rd, players will want to spend all of their currency before-hand. As mentioned above, all purchasable items will carry over.

Here's a quick rundown by 2K of what will be leaving the game:

  • Hunt (Ranked)

    • Players will still be able to play Hunt by going into Quick play and Custom games

  • Player Profile data

  • Leaderboards will no longer be populated with player data

  • The in-game store will be removed

  • The newsfeed will be unavailable

  • Player Badges will be unavailable

2K Games doesn't provide any reason or statement why it is shutting down the game's dedicated servers, but it is presumably because not enough people are playing it, if really any at all.


As you may know, Evolve released back in February 2015 via the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Upon release, the game garnered good to middling reviews, and ultimately failed to ever cultivate a lasting audience despite a lot of buzz initially.

A year later, the game transitioned to free-to-play in an attempt to bring more players in. While the game's player count rose a bit, it wasn't anything drastic enough to resuscitate it. Four montea later 2K ended all support for the game.

And now we are here. Whether or not we will ever see a sequel from Turtle Rock Studios or another developer remains to be seen. My guess is, no, we won't.