Fablecraft, a Digital Tabletop RPG With Built-In VTT Service, Is Coming Soon

The indie game studio Riftweaver has announced plans to launch Fablecraft, an all-in-one RPG/VTT service. Fablecraft is both a digital TTRPG-style game and a VTT service built into one, with players able to access both the game rules and their individual game sessions within one service. The TTRPG uses a bespoke game system and is set in the world of Mythas, where characters play mages with various abilities determined by their homeland, class, and fighting style. Gameplay involves build pools of custom dice and rolling to determine successes. In combat, rolling above the minimum success threshold adds bonus damage to attacks, which is automatically calculated within the game's system. A launch trailer for Fablecraft can be seen below:

During an early preview of Fablecraft, I was impressed with how seamlessly the system's in-game toolset worked. Game masters could drag and drop art assets (created for the game by a variety of artists) onto the screen to show their players locales, NPCs, or monsters during roleplay focused scenes and then seamlessly switch over to a grid-based battle map for combat. The Game Master could also control the initiative order, set HPs for individual monsters, and make other quick changes on the fly, giving them total control of their game. Because Fablecraft was created with both the digital game experience and the VTT in mind, it creates what looks to be a much more smooth system than other more generalized VTT systems out there. 

Fablecraft will launch a Kickstarter in May, with a full release planned in 2024. The core service will be free-to-download, with a mix of free assets and premium assets available to users. There will also be a marketplace for creators to sell art assets to users, and Riftweaver plans to support the game with a mix of more free content and premium content after launch. You can find out more on their website and sign up to their Kickstarter for more information.