Fall Guys Gives Out Free Skin as Apology Gift

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic recently had to address a snafu involving accidental purchases and customer service issues. Players were apparently losing out on their in-game currencies after things were bought either without warning or accidentally through a lack of a confirmation option before purchasing something. Some interactions with support led to less than helpful outcomes, too, so in order to make up for that whole situation, Mediatonic is giving players a free skin regardless of if they were affected by the problems or not.

That skin is "Grandis," and it's a grand skin indeed. Dubbed "Tall Guys" by Fall Guys players and at times joked about due to its somewhat phallic design, it consists of two different parts with both of them now available in players' inventories. You can find its components in the bottom and top categories of your outfit customization options with the bottom really just being a rounded covering while the top is the grand, towering being teased in the image below whenever this giveaway was released.

We've seen this skin used in images like the one shared previously whenever Mediatonic first said it'd be giving Grandis away, but it's a bit difficult to tell what it looks like in-game from that image alone. Below is a shot of the skin from the outfit menu to see what the skin looks like in all its grandeur.


You can change the color of the top of the skin, too. To do so, you only have to go to the color option in the outfit menu and pick which one you want. It'll change the top of the outfit accordingly, but the bottom will stay the same color.

Skins aside, if you were someone who experienced issues with accidental purchases prior to this giveaway, Mediatonic said it's working on ways to make sure this doesn't happen again. It's "improving the store design to prevent this," the developer said on the topic of accidental purchases, and refunds will be offered for purchases made from June 21st onward until the store is improved.