Fall Guys Details New Season 2 Feedback Updates

In case you missed it, the popular video game Fall Guys released Season 2 after much anticipation last week. Season 2 itself came with a bevy of changes and new content, but it would seem that not every aspect of it has been as popular as the rest. Developer Mediatonic today noted that it intends to fix, and is already working on, several of the most commons problems per player feedback.

You can check out some of the updates that Mediatonic is working on below:

It is unclear exactly when these changes or updates might release, but Fall Guys has been pretty regular with its updates. It seems equally as likely that these could be saved up for a bigger release as released on their own as hotfixes. Whatever the case, expect to see changes to the above soon.

Fall Guys is currently available on both PlayStation 4 and PC. It continues to be updated, and Season 2 officially launched just last week. Developer Mediatonic has yet to officially announce a version of the video game for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or mobile, but it would appear that it is gauging demand. It is currently unclear whether it might show up on either of the next-gen consoles. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the wildly popular title right here.

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